Pennsylvania Partnerships Abroad, Ltd.

Pennsylvania Partnerships Abroad, Ltd.


Statement of purpose

Pennsylvania Partnerships Abroad, Ltd. is an American non-profit humanitarian organization which has developed from the political, economic, and social changes and challenges occurring in Poland since 1989. In America, PPA, Ltd. is headquartered in Linglestown, PA; in Poland, it is located at the University of Economics, in Wrocław.

PPA, Ltd. conducts many activities in community-based, non-governmental cooperative programming with individuals and organizations located primarily in Pennsylvania and Poland. These programs involve the following major activities:

Business internship programs for Master's Degree collegiate students in human resources, business and financial management, sales, computer science, banking and the food industry from Poland's University of Economics, in Wrocław. These students participate in one-semester work/study experiences with central Pennsylvania businesses. GALLERY »

Joint venture business exploration and political trips involving Pennsylvania and Polish firms and politicians, to explore economic development. These trips emphasize the technical, equipment, personnel, accounting, managing, legal, and trade interests of the firm. GALLERY »

Tourist trips completely organized with the use of University of Economics students as the tour guide, translator, and driver.

A teacher recruitment program to bring American teachers (native speakers) in any subject area and from any grade level to Polish educational institutions, to work as conversational English teachers. GALLERY »

Activities to assist with English-as-a-second-language (ESL) instruction in Polish schools, involving the creation of curriculum, and the obtaining and supplying of text, literary, and school supply materials. GALLERY »
[Locations of Polish Schools in the P.P.A. E.S.L. Materials Program]

Cooperative educational activities between American colleges and universities and the Wroclaw University of Economics connected to live tele-conferencing, professor and student exchanges, and curriculum and program development.

Cooperative activities with the Polish Police Service to create citizen-activist programs such as "Neighborhood Crime Watch" and "Crime Stoppers," and supply educational materials.

Assistance programs with the Polish Fire Service in providing educational materials and basic fire fighting supplies. GALLERY »
[Location of Polish Fire Service in the P.P.A. Materials Program]

Activities in Poland designed to organize groups so as to advance the programs of both the International Association of Lions Clubs, and Kiwanis International, with cooperation involving clubs in Pennsylvania. GALLERY »

Organizing a one-semester student exchange program, between Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and the Wroclaw University of Economics.

These programs are privately financed, and operate with the assistance of persons who believe that the successful solving of human problems only results through citizen involvement. Pennsylvania Partnerships Abroad, Ltd. is operated through its founder and president.